Your emphasis may be on maximizing function, keeping with a particular architectural style, or the use of specific materials and color palettes. Whichever is your focus, it will be our focus as well.

Its Not Just About Designing Great Spaces

For the creative mind and drive behind Jacoby & Associates, Greg Miller found a passionate approach to home renovation design based on his own experiences. In the late 1990’s he spent a lot of time renovating his various properties with the help of other contractors. Throughout the renovation process, he noticed two common types of contractors. The first type of contractor usually had great design ability, but lacked real world practicality. The second type tended to have excellent craftsmanship, however lacked in design creativity.

Our clients expect innovative designs that best serve their everyday lives. Balancing creative and practical design with top notch craftsmanship allows Greg to consistently provide a high level of one-on-one service, and communication our clients expect.

Greg understands that quality outweighs all, which is why he utilizes the talents of a tight knit group of craftsman. Only taking on a few projects at a time allows Jacoby & Associates to focus on the smallest details of a project. This approach allows us to promise that once your project is complete, the only thing you’ll be able to say is “I’m so glad we did this!”

”Greg is an excellent listener and brought experience, great ideas, and a broad understanding of all the possibilities and resources available to us while at the same time remaining conscious of our budget.”

-The Dillons

”Greg was very patient in explaining different design options available to us for our project, which consisted of upgrades to a home built in 1930. Greg paid particular detail to the period in which the home was built and the new changes blend seamlessly with the original construction.”

-The Wrights

“With Greg’s design expertise and creativity, he developed a completely new and different design plan. This new design complemented our lifestyle and fit our needs perfectly.”

-The Sohls

"Before meeting Greg, I had already laid out my thoughts for my kitchen. Greg tweaked my layout and gave us great suggestions on cabinetry style and function. I truly enjoyed the whole experience"

-The Perkins

"The most important factor, I believe, to the success of this project was the open and frequent communication. We always had access to Greg and his team during both the design and implementation phases."

-The Stallings

“Many original plans were changed on the fly to meet our changing minds as the project materialized from stage to stage — Greg never wavered or told us we couldn’t do what we wanted. He just found ways to make things work for us and our budget.”

-The Walshs

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